At this pivotal moment in our country’s history, we know that so many of you are looking for ways to contribute in a meaningful and anti-racist way. Following on SABA-SC’s recent statement in solidarity with the Black community, and in light of the recent and tragic murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and the senseless killings of too many other Black Americans, below are some resources and tangible ways for you to join in the fight against racial inequity, police brutality, and the systemic and long-standing oppression suffered by the Black community:

  • Volunteer or donate.  For more guidance on what exactly you can do or where you can go, including participating in protests, contributing to bail funds, and donating to other non-profits, visit herehere, and here.  The Los Angeles Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild has formed a Mass Defense Committee to provide legal support to protestors.  To sign up, go here.
  • Support Black-owned businesses such as the ones identified
  • Talk to one another in a meaningful way. Take time to have important, and sometimes difficult, conversations with our South Asian loved ones and community members about the issues facing the Black community, issues that have gone unnoticed in the South Asian community for far too long. As Deepa Iyer observes here, “[f]or South Asians committed to ending state violence against Black people, it has always been clear that our work goes further, that we must also work to undo anti-Blackness within our own communities. The hard conversations with our parents and our uncles and aunties about white supremacy, anti-Black racism, and solidarity are not usually easy or fruitful.”

For some ideas on how to go about having these conversations, take a look here, here, and here.  Each of these sites has resources uniquely suited to facilitating discussions about these critical issues within the South Asian community.

  • In 2016, less than 50% of Asian Americans voted.  Now, more than ever, it is critical that the voices in our community be heard.  For more information on voter turnout within our community and how you can help, go here and here.

In light of all that has transpired in the past weeks, SABA-SC is working on an ongoing basis toward taking comprehensive action.  We deeply value our members’ input and invite you to work with us and offer your thoughts, ideas, and suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at